Tooling and Fixturing

​Mundt and Associates, Inc. has the engineering and manufacturing capability to provide custom tooling so as to position a new machine into immediate production when it arrives at the customer’s facility.

We can rebuild, retrofit or remanufacture a Mundt machine tool to revitalize a current system and to accomplish a production solution

The company takes pride in the quality of the machines and the tooling that are produced for the sophisticated industrial automation market.

The Mundt team also provides engineering services to integrate fixtures and tooling into the customers manufacturing line and factory automation systems.

These services include:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical
  • Software Integration
We can rebuild, retrofit, or remanufacture a Mundt machine tool to revitalize a current system and to accomplish a production solution.

Applications Lab & Feasibility

​In addition to the machine design and fabrication capabilities, Mundt and Associates, Inc maintains an applications lab and staff to provide evaluation of concepts, process development and feasibility demonstration so customers can proceed with confidence when introducing new technology to their operations. The lab has several lasers fully integrated to sophisticated control software and motion systems. A compliment of analysis equipment permits rapid evaluation of results on customer samples to round out the lab’s capability.

Focus is placed on assisting the customer to identify the best manufacturing process solution for a specific application.

Each system built is engineered to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability of a manufacturing process. From concept through completion Mundt & Associates uses state of the art CAD/CAM/CAE workstations to ensure each project is successful. Mundt technicians working on the project development have the training and experience to deliver superior equipment, from the initial concept through to completion.

Other Services:

  • Product Analysis
  • Process Feasibility
  • Develop the Product Process Path to Completion
  • Analyze Cuts, Welding and Sectioned Parts
  • Customer Inspection Prior to Moving Forward to Processing
Mundt & Associates, Inc. applies Multi-Disciplined Skills from an initial concept design through feasibility to completionwith both in-house and on-site training.


Each machine is supplied with an extensive Operator Manual that covers safety, operation, maintenance, service and programming of the system. Literature for the components and sub systems are provided along with the manual. Schematics of the electrical, pneumatic and optical assemblies are included in the package. The mechanical, electrical, control systems, programming and operation are all covered during training.

Training of your personnel is tailored to suit your requirements and the application of the machine. Whether the system is a production work horse or a re-configurable work station in a specialty manufacturing environment you will receive support to get started and down the road as new requirements may arise.

The following items are the basis of our training program:

  • Safe Operation of the equipment
  • Understanding how the machine works
  • System maintenance for trouble free operation
  • How to write programs
  • Assistance developing customer process

The training can be delivered at our factory or your location. Follow up in person or via the web is available. The training program prepares your staff to operate the system at maximum efficiency.

Spare Parts and Service

Mundt & Associates, Inc. is a trusted and established machine tool manufacturer that not only delivers quality equipment but also assures a supply of critical spare parts and technical support to protect your capital investment. The company built its reputation on building machines and systems to maintain high accuracy with parts that have a long service life. A list of spare parts is supplied with every machine built, tailored to customer demands.

Mundt & Associates also offers spare parts for all legacy Mundt equipment or damaged equipment that may be needed in “Fast-Turnaround” time to save production downtime.

If you are considering rebuilding or reconditioning a Mundt made machine tool, by providing us with the machine details and age, along with your production demands.