Unlike wind and solar power, wave energy is always available even when there are no apparent waves and the ocean is calm there are swells constantly moving water sufficient to generate electricity. OWEC’s capable of generating a given amount of power from waves are much smaller than windmills or solar generators of comparable power leading to lower cost and aesthetic impact.

The efficiency of the OWEC has a direct impact on procurement and operation costs. Further, it must be robust to the harsh offshore environment, The costs in money and time for deploying prototypes to the ocean are considerable. Testing in a controlled laboratory setting provides the engineers improved insight and test cycle time.

The Mundt technology contribution

The Mundt & Associates Vertical OWEC test bed provides accurate performance measurements that usually eliminates the need to deploy the test in the ocean. The unique vertical format provides a mechanical environment consistent with the actual use conditions. The researcher can apply any desired stochastic wave simulation profile through the system control. Other equipment monitors the power output from the OWEC generator to gauge efficiency.

The machine is 9’ x 5’ x 17’ and is capable of moving 2000 pounds at over 6 ft/sec