The Mundt WFG II enables the user to utilize a Fiber Laser to its fullest potential to produce smaller profile welds, (for micro products) with less heat in put and finer cuts that are required by the medical implantable device manufacturing markets and aerospace industry.

Fiber Lasers, capable of continuous and modulated power output continue to be applied to an increasingly wide range of material processing roles.

The purpose of this board is to change temporal pulse shapes for cutting and welding applications. The board improves efficiencies by decreasing heat input for welding, minimizes heat effective zones and kerf width for cutting. The results provide better quality welds and cuts with less waste while manufacturing micro products.

The WFGII provides the following unique benefits:

  • The WFGII is fully integrated into the laser system
  • The wave form can be transitioned between “normal” and “ramped” levels
  • Power, pulse width, frequency and ramping may be specified by user
  • Linear transition from normal to ramped or ramped to normal over user specified time interval
  • The wave form can be over one minute in duration, providing flexibility, particularly in welding, for crater control
  • All wave form parameters can be controlled within the motion program providing complete synchronization of laser and motion
  • The WFGII provides seamless control of the laser within the powerful system programming environment
  • The Mundt WFG II Board allows micro devices to be manufactured well.

To-date, no one has the technology to have such precise control of lasers. Mundt & Associates, Inc. stands at the pinnacle of technology for utilizing laser technology in the manufacture of detailed micro devices needed for implantable medical devices and aerospace products.