Machine Tools & Lasers

​Mundt & Associates, Inc. has revolutionized automated laser system technology within the machine tool industry by combining laser systems with the latest in motion and user-friendly computer technology. The results provide the user complete control and flexibility for the process. Laser-based tools ha​ve become increasingly flexible within R&D labs, pilot production lines, and high volume production.

The company is well recognized as an accomplished machine tool builder with worldwide distribution. With years of proven experience Mundt & Associates has the ability to understand customers’ requirements and needs to provide easy-to-use solutions. Once the system concept is in place then the machine is built with each piece specifically designed to produce the best performance and reliability for the system. When a laser is required for an application, Mundt will choose an appropriate laser source and system most suited to satisfy the task in hand.

A Mundt machine tool with a specially selected laser source is versatile, robust and easy to use, as well as being truly built for the customer’s specific application.
Mundt & Associates, Inc.
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Why Laser-Based Tools Are Used For Production Purposes

Many laser applications have been developed since the invention of the laser in 1958. The ability to reach extremely high powers and to be focused to very small spots make myriad special applications possible, including many in the following fields.

  • Military: Fabrication of weapons and direct use as weapons
  • Medical: Various surgical procedures, dental prophylaxis
  • Industrial: Welding and cutting, metals, plastics, ceramics
  • Commercial: Measuring, ranging, code scanners, entertainment
  • Scientific: spectroscopy, interferometry, photochemistry, microscopy

Laser systems in the 50-300W range are used primarily for soldering metals and welding plastics.

Lasers 300 to 1000 W are used in brazing, thin (~0.1”) metal welding, and sheet metal cutting applications.

Welding and cutting of thick (0.25” and up) materials may require some tens of kilowatts and are in use in a wide variety of industries.

Mundt & Associates, Inc. offers equipment optimized for cutting, welding, drilling etching/marking, Laser Interconnect Bonding, hardening, annealing, and cladding.

Mundt & Associates assist the customer in selecting the optimum laser for the application, having expertise with building equipment to use the following types of lasers.

  • Fiber laser
  • YAG laser
  • CO2 laser
  • Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser

Lasers are ideal in the production environment because they are generally fast, clean, reliable, energy-efficient and require little or no maintenance.

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