Break Away Laser Heads

The breakaway laser head protects the laser nozzle in the event of a crash.

Mundt Break Away Laser Heads

90° Nozzle Head

​The Mundt process head can be configured for vertical or horizontal beam output.

90 degree break-away nozzle head

Vision Systems

​The machine vision option provides enhanced positioning accuracy for assemblies with varying feature locations.

Camera Vision Lighting

Mundt & Associates, Inc. provides off-the-shelf lighting solutions & can provide lighting for all custom applications.

Camera lighting
Camera lighting
Camera lighting

Energy Shaping Board

The Mundt pulse shaped board is specially designed for controlling lasers that have an analog interface. The board can store 50 pulse shapes.
Energy Shaping Board for Mundt and Associates Machines
Warning Labels

Multiple Monitor Mounts

Mundt & Associates, Inc. offers several mounting options for the operator console.

Bar Code Readers

​A machine can be configured to read bar codes or, dot matrix information to load the appropriate parts specific program into the machine or, the information can be presented to a customer’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Badge Readers

​Badge Readers can be incorporated to authenticate and log operator access to the system.

Laser Power Meter Interface

Mundt & Associates, Inc. provides options for manual or automatic power meter operation and data logging.