A hardware and software system to allow simplified wave form generation, ramping and pulse on demand.

The new Wave Form Generator III (WFG-III) perfects synchronization between motion and laser over the previous WFG-II. This new WFG-III technology supports the manufacturing of precise medical devices.

  • The WFG-III is fully integrated into the laser system
  • Simplified wave form generation, ramping & pulse on demand
  • Power, pulse width, frequency and ramping can be specified by the user
  • Linear transition from steady state to ramped, or ramped to steady state can be specified by the user
  • The Mundt programming environment is easy to use and provides seamless control of motion and laser to minimize thermal damage
  • The Mundt WFG-III provides complete flexibility and control of pulse spacing regardless of path or speed
  • This new technology supports advanced manufacturing for heat sensitive small delicate parts
  • Advanced manufacturing is achieved through more precise control of lasers

Advanced laser technology continues to improve manufacturing capabilities for the medical Industry. The synchronization between motion and laser allows the user to maintain control of the right energy input for the laser manufacturing process.

Mundt & Associates, Inc. developed the Wave Form Generator-II in 2014, and has improved this technology with their advanced WFG-III system that was introduced at MD&M West, February 2017. Mundt remains at the pinnacle of technology for utilizing laser technology in the manufacturing process for detailed micro devices, required by the medical device industry.

The New Mundt Wave Form Generator-III

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