December 112016

New Mundt 5C Collet Closer

Mundt & Associates, Inc. delivers new and improved automatic 5C Collet Coser on precision direct drive servomotors…
September 212016

Laser cutting 3/16" copper at .7" per second with minimal dross

Copper is an expensive and luxurious soft metal with multiple applications that are not only used in industry but also in many consumer products such as decorative vessels, top of the line plumbing parts and roof protection, to name only a few.
December 012015

Mundt Offshore Wave Energy Convertor

The purpose of this technology is to harness energy from ocean waves and swell. Such devices are called Offshore Wave Energy Convertors (OWEC).
August 072015

The Mundt Wave Form Generator II

The Mundt WFG II enables the user to utilize a Fiber Laser to its fullest potential to produce smaller profile welds, (for micro products) with less heat in put and finer cuts that are required by the medical implantable device manufacturing markets and aerospace industry.
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